Wee Breaks: Grant Application Form

This form allows you, as an unpaid carer, to apply for a direct grant to enable you to take a break from caring to help improve your wellbeing. Grants do not have to be repaid, but receipts must be submitted. The grant can be spent in a number of ways which improve individual self-care and wellbeing, reduce social isolation or encourage you to pursue hobbies and interests – anything that gives you a break from caring.

Here are some ideas you might want to consider:

Short break
You might want to go for a day trip or residential trip in the UK with your friends or family. You can apply for a grant towards accomodation and/or travel costs, or the entry fee to attend a tourist attraction. Or you could apply for equipment costs such as to buy a tent or outdoor clothing.

Physical or mental wellbeing
Exercise and relaxation activities can help you recharge your batteries and can give you a break from caring. You might want to purchase a bicycle, skateboard, dart board or some fitness equipment. Or you might want to access mindfulness, Tai Chi or yoga classes. How about a spa day or a self-care gift package?

Personal interests
Taking up a course can give you a break and time to focus on your own interests and learning. What do you enjoy doing? Would equipment or materials help you develop your hobby or interest? Maybe you would like a magazine or audio-book subscription?

Digital gadgets

Would a smartphone, tablet, laptop, TV or gaming equipment help give you a break from caring?

Do you need a WiFi connection to get online, help with monthly costs for an internet provider, TV license or a Netflix/Amazon Prime/Disney+ subscription?

Would some classes help you to learn more about the internet or how to stay in touch with family and friends digitally?

Please complete the form below.  If you need to save the form and come back to it, you can do so and we will store your answers for up to 28 days.