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Short Breaks Funding 

VOCAL Edinburgh administer funds from several funding bodies for carers to obtain a break from caring. For instance, VOCAL Edinburgh is the local delivery partner for Shared Care Scotland’s Time to Live initiative.

Carers in Edinburgh can apply to VOCAL for a grant to fund activities, devices and support, which gives carers a break from caring.  If you are a carer and have an interest you find difficult to afford, but it would make a real difference to your care-life balance, please consider applying!

The Time to Live fund is open to all carers living in Edinburgh, including parents caring for a disabled child and young carers. As the Family Fund’s Take a Break scheme is similar and open to parent carers, priority for grants will be given to those parent carers who have not recently been awarded a Take a Break grant.

Carers can apply for grants to be used flexibly to support activities that can be undertaken in the home, garden or close to where you live.

VOCAL Edinburgh are particularly keen to hear from those who have not applied for short breaks funding before.

If you are interested in applying to the fund, we recommend you contact VOCAL by calling 0131 622 6666 or email and ask to speak to a carer support practitioner. Your application must be supported by someone who has supported you and/or the person you care for in a professional capacity e.g. VOCAL carer support practitioner, GP, district nurse, occupational therapist, social worker, CPN, teacher or community worker.

The Short Breaks Funds are operated by Shared Care Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Government and the Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership.

There are also a number of other trusts and grants you can explore to fund you break via the Grant section.