There are two Short Breaks Funds available for carers in Edinburgh to apply to through VOCAL.

Time to Live

The Time to Live fund aims to help carers supporting someone over the age of 21 to take a break from their caring role.

Better Breaks

 The Better Breaks fund is available to carers of children and young people with disabilities (under the age of 20) to increase the range, availability and choice of shorts breaks with the aim of making a lasting positive impact to carers and the people that they care for.

All caring situations are different and what a break looks like for each individual will differ.  To help ensure that carers access the best break for them VOCAL encourage individuals to reflect on their caring role, lifestyle, interests, what they enjoy doing and how they can switch off.

What can be funded?

The Panel are keen to read applications where the carer has thought creatively about what will really make a difference to them – this could be anything from sitter service, evening classes and complementary therapies to hobby supplies, transport costs or an overnight break away.

Carers can apply for funding for anything that will give them a break as long as it is in the UK.  The grant application should not exceed the maximum award and the application must include a detailed breakdown of all costs associated with the break.

The Short Breaks Funds are operated by Shared Care Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Government.

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