Carers’ Recovery Fund

In recognition of the challenging impact the Coronavirus pandemic had on many carers and their families, the City of Edinburgh Council approved a £250,000 Carers’ Recovery Fund in its 2021-22 budget to help carers and their families in greatest need. VOCAL has been appointed to distribute funds through individual grants to carers.

Building on established criteria for short breaks and respite grants, applications can be submitted by any carer affected by the pandemic, who would benefit from improved opportunities for breaks from caring, improved personal health and wellbeing or improved financial wellbeing.

The Carers’ Recovery Fund focuses on carers in greatest need with limited means (and facing multiple barriers to accessing support) and addresses poverty risks, which are higher among carers than other groups. It is open to carers of all ages and caring situations, including young carers and young adult carers, parent carers and carers of minority communities.

To apply, visit the following page: